2. Any refund related issue will be sorted out by us keeping both parties in view.  Work related disputes are common everywhere.  Settlement and refund of payments require time and assessment of the problems faced by contracting parties.
  4. All kinds of refunds will be carried out via Foxlancer payment mode.  The commission will remain the same for all transactions.  Work specifications, communications, and all other project details will be analyzed before a refund is processed.
  6. All parties failing to produce work or commitments are legally bound to pay back the amount.
  8. Upfront money will be included or deducted depending on a Client (Employer) or an Individual (Contractor).
  10. Refunds once made will not be subject to further discussion.
  12. Disputes based on legal issues or violations on contractual terms need to be settled outside court.
  14. All refunds will be made by the original currency (during the original payment).
  16. Audit related examinations will subject to protection of public funds.
  18. Performance fees and account deductions (bore by Freelancers) might have to be doled out by the business.
  20. We believe in building relationship with our clients.
  21. No dispute or malicious relations will be accepted by us that result in dubious means of image tarnishing by any of our clients. Refunds are natural in the case of any non-agreement or failure of commitment.