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We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and very skilled in abstracting commercial [*****]; We are a young dynamic software company in need to grow our team and have built an interesting software application in the field of commercial real [*****]; We are in search for several people who can help us bring our application to the next level by working with us and our development team and by lending their real estate and lease abstraction know-how with [*****]; 

This is a long-term project so we are looking for someone who is available at least about 15 - 40 hours a week and it will be a combination of lease abstraction and software testing (related to lease abstraction).  

Please submit your cover-letter and resume to us to apply for this [*****]; This position is for independent contractors only -- individuals not agencies.

Skills : Insurance Law ,Legal Contracts & Commercial,Legal counsel
Category : Other Law
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